jezero pod Vršacem pod Zasavsko kočo

How would you describe this image in the end of the world?

“I wish I had a poet by my side who would describe this image in the end of the world.” This is what Balthasar Hacquet, physician, botanist and passionate explorer of the Julian Alps as early as in the 18th century, said upon his visit to Triglav Lakes Valley.

In fact, anyone can be a poet. Expression of joy and pure poetry is already born with a spontaneous whoop of excitement when one reaches a peak and treats oneself to endless views. Poetry evolves around everything that expresses our joy, enthusiasm, admiration and respect.

Where does your heart find joy?

Mine undoubtedly in the mountains. It sings, dances, jumps and is at the same time in complete serenity. One of such miraculous hikes leads me to Prehodavci above Trenta. What amazes me most there is the sunset, so soft and seemingly never-ending.

The sun slowly sinks behind mount Grintovec and their game doesn’t seem to end. The red-violet nuances create a truly special spectacle, which simply draws you in. To admire such views and experience many other gems, hiking really does ‘pay off’. Invest your time and let your soul sing.

From Prehodavci you can continue towards Triglav Lakes Valley. On the way, you will encounter several natural types: carved rocky karst land and still lakes staring in the sky as curious eyes. One can feel the sparse, but soft mountain grass, see the serene flight of a butterfly and catch the eye of a shy marmot. Above you is the sky that changes colours and magnificent peaks that forma stunning crown.

So, tell me, how would you describe this image in the end of the world?

If you wish to continue towards Bohinj, you can take the path via Komarča, but beware of the very steep terrain which really does require an experienced mountaineer. The easiest and widely recommended way to reach Bohinj lake is the path via Komna that leads you to Savica waterfall. What a hike!

And the good news is that you can come back to Soča valley by train. Look for timetable from Bohinjska Bistrica to Most na Soči and then a bus connection to Bovec.

Enjoy the hike!


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