About us

We are family Pretner inviting you to spend your holidays in our cosy apartments in gorgeous Lepena valley in the heart of Triglav National Park. You will be heartily greeted by Salvi, Jožica, Lucija, Tončka and myself, Julija.

Why stay with us? What people appreciate most about us is our hospitality, authenticity and true peace. Our home is away from the main road and is a perfect starting point for magnificent hikes and relaxed strolls.
We have always been living in our beloved valley and can therefore give you many useful tips on how to spend your vacation.

We have a small farm with a dozen of lovely sheep and know them all by their names. They give us milk for delicious cheese and ricotta, as well as wholesome whey.
Milking and cheese making is entirely hand-made and follows a traditional procedure dating from at least the 14th century.
Our farm is also home to hens, who give us nutritious eggs, and lovely cats.

Our valley is very well visited in summer when it is in full bloom, but colourful autumn and lush spring also amaze us and every single visitor.

You will find us in the middle of Lepena valley, on Lepenca river’s left side, in a peaceful settlement reachable by a nice macadam road.

The views from our home will take your breath away and you will enjoy true peacefulness, away from the tourist buzz at the main road. All around us are mighty mountains, crystal-clear waters, lush forest and some fields that we passionately cultivate.

No matter when you experience our valley, you will undoubtedly leave with inspiring memories and a wish to visit us again.

Our family and farm

Jožica and Salvi began welcoming visitors in 2003. During the years, much has been upgraded and renovated and now we all make sure that your stay with us meets your needs.
Your happy faces, genuine smiles and kind words mean the world to us. Thank you so much for your support.

The youngest daughter Julija decided to continue the tradition of our hospitality and expanded our accommodation capacity. You can also check Julija’s blog where she shares with you useful ideas for hikes and interesting posts on living in Soča valley as a pure Lepena-born and bred. If you wish to have a piece of our beloved in your inbox, don’t forget to subscribe to Julija’s juicy news where she shares with you unique content on Soča valley.

"The added value of staying with Pretners is undoubtedly their warm homeliness, kindness and helpfulness, which always make me feel genuinely welcome."
- Sebastjan Koželj, Slovenia