daljinska pohodniška pot Juliana - Juliana trail around the Julian Alps

Juliana trail – paths full of treasures 

Do you have the chance to notice miracles? Already our lives are pure miracles, aren’t they? Since you are reading this blog, I presume that you enjoy hiking. Let me introduce you to a very special trail, full of miracles: Juliana trail. 

Juliana trail is long-distance trail around the Julian Alps. Together with the part leading into the Brda region, it consists of as many as 330 kilometres. One really has plenty of varieties and stages to choose from. The trail leads you through upper Soča Valley and Sava Valley. It consists of 20 stages and their average length is 17 kilometres. 

What makes Juliana trail so special? Along the trail, one does not conquer any mountain peak and this is its advantage. The trail leads you along the edge of Triglav National Park and invites you to explore charming hills, plateaus and valleys, feel the rich cultural and ethnological heritage and taste local delicacies. It lets you feel pure local pulse. 

Hiking to panoramic plateaus, walking through lush valleys, along crystal-clear waters, strolling through a pleasant village centre and feeling the local pulse … A trail where you find the way back to yourself. It lets you search for your inner why and develop the sense of deep gratitude. 

The trail is marked with an orange sign, consisting of letters J and A. They are linked, so I see it, by the symbol for infinity. Tell me, do you also find that hiking on Juliana trail guides you to eternity, infinity? Finding miracles certainly never ends.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” (Einstein) 

How can we develop the sense of miracles even more? Taking time for yourself is certainly one of the ways. Let your senses become sharper to hear cuckoo’s song, see a shy squirrel, smell wild flowers, feel the first sunbeam … Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature, feel the grass under your bare feet. All of that is a miracle too. 

Enjoy the hike, 


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