How to experience Soča valley with children?

The idea for this post came to me spontaneously, as do the best things in life. We are so lucky to attract guests who genuinely love nature, peace and the Zen that surrounds us. A break from the everyday life, listening to paradise-like birds’ song early in the morning, feel the last sunbeam and have a reinvigorating sleep

But here’s a catch. You see, a guest asked us what to do in Soča valley so that the trip would be interesting also for their children, teenagers. ‘Our kids really don’t feel like just walking in nature for three hours,’ they said. 

Really, how to motivate youngsters to spend a holiday in Lepena or elsewhere in Soča valley? 

Nothing like a tasty treat in the mountains 

Do you still remember the times when you were a child or teenager? Sure, it was nice to go to the mountains now and then, but your step was even lighter if you knew that you would receive a reward in the end. And no, we are not talking ‘just’ about the views.  

My first advice on how to motivate a child to go hiking is to visit one of the huts where you can taste plenty of yummy dishes. Did you know that our lovely Slovenia prides itself with as many as 179 huts, shelters and bivouacs? 

Food in the mountains tastes even better, do you agree? Just imagine: aromatic apple strudel, soft cheese rolls, tender pancakes … not to mention traditional Slovenian stews and soups and homemade bread. 

Already on the way to the most common hike from Lepena valley, to Krn lake, you can stop at the hut nearby, treat yourselves to one of the tasty dishes and make sure your children will keep hiking in good memory. 

Follow the traces of history 

But what to do if children really don’t feel like hiking? There’s a solution too! I know, visiting a history museum doesn’t seem too exciting to children and teenagers at first, but imagine an outdoor museum. You will find quite some outdoor museums in Soča valley, the remains of the First World War, so you can take your children to an exciting outdoor lesson.  

A very nice example is the outdoor museum Čelo which you will reach in just about half an hour. You will be rewarded with a wonderful view of Bovec and the surrounding mountains. At the same time, your children will be able to explore the remains of the past. 

You will walk even less, only some ten minutes, to reach another interesting outdoor museum: Ravelnik. While walking through the forest along the renewed remains you will learn about life on the first line of defence of the Austro-Hungarian army in Bovec basin. 

On the horseback 

My third advice is perfect for horse lovers. This idea is based on the wonderful experience of our guests who explored Soča valley on a horseback. Following their absolutely positive experience, I can strongly recommend posestvo Blata at Žaga village just before Bovec. 

What will be your next experience in Soča valley?  

Kind greetings from Lepena valley.

Wishing you a lovely day, Julija

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